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Cabrinha Kiteboarding Kites


Cabrinha Kites has always been open to new changes in style, technology and pushing the limits of the sport of kiteboarding to wherever it may go. Cabrinha kites are known throughout the kiteboarding community for their durable construction, huge depower range, and user-friendly interface. These features make Cabrinha kites ideal for novices to intermediate and advanced kitesurfers alike.

Through years of tweaking and fine-tuning, Cabrinha's IDS system is lauded by many as the most advanced safety system in the industry, effectively functioning like a quasi-fifth line system that provides not only enormous depower but that predictability that becomes crucial in high-wind conditions. With Cabrinha's R&D facility in Hawaii and the Pryde Group's state of the art manufacturing plant in Hong Kong, the crew at Cabrinha has developed the best and safest kiteboarding gear on the market today.

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CABKO6GENSIS000STD - Cabrinha Genesis Trainer Kite
Price: $419.00
CABKO6RADARR - Cabrinha Radar Kite
    Price: $849.00
    CABKO6FX0000 - Cabrinha FX Kite
      Code: CABKO6FX0000
      Price: $1,129.00
      CABKO6SWITCH - Cabrinha Switchblade Kite
        Code: CABKO6SWITCH
        Price: $1,129.00
        CABKO6DRIFTR - Cabrinha Drifter Kite
          Code: CABKO6DRIFTR
          Price: $1,149.00
          CABKO6VLOCTY - Cabrinha Velocity Kite
          Code: CABKO6VLOCTY
          Price: $1,159.00
          CABKO6CHAOSK - Cabrinha Chaos Kite
          Code: CABKO6CHAOSK
          Price: $1,329.00
          CABKO6CONTRA - Cabrinha Contra Kite
            Code: CABKO6CONTRA
            Price: $1,509.00

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