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About Best Kiteboards

We offer Best Twin Tip Kiteboards for every skill level and a variety of kiting styles and wind conditions. Boards for beginners, Pros and everyone in between who kites freestyle, wakestyle, new school and freeride.

About the Best Armada Board

The Armada is a performance freeride and newschool twintip and it’s the ideal board for advanced kiters who session all day long.

At the center of the Armada is a CNC machined and laminated Paulownia wood core. Discrete inserts are plugged into the core and reinforced with a tip-to-tail UNI-D tape reinforcement for maximum strength and durability, allowing you to choose between straps or bindings. We wrap the core inside a 100% uni-directional, Pre-Preg lay-up and finish it off with an impact resistant ABS rail. This Supremo Wood Core construction means the Armada can be up to 700 grams lighter than less advanced boards and makes it one of the lightest boards you can own.

Originally developed for top secret aerospace applications Basalt fiber is now used in high-tech applications where its high strength, light weight and improved damping can be beneficial. You’ll find Basalt fiber in windmill blades and racing yachts and of course in every Armada board. The new Armada uses our exclusive, eco friendly Basalt Fiber Tec. Basalt is 20% stronger than fiberglass and provides more progressive and better controlled damping than carbon; so we can make our boards lighter and better damped than the competition. This season we added a little Rock to your board because we know how you like to roll.

If your skills have outgrown your current board and you are looking for a performance freestyle board that is forgiving enough to let you push hard all day long and has the versatility to tackle all riding styles then you need the Armada. Set sail with the Armada today and get blown away.

About the Best Breeze Board

The Breeze boards will help you turn any lightwind day into a great session. Designed to perform as lightwind/ freeride board for anyone and an all-round freeride board for heavier riders the Breeze boards will simply help you to ride more.

The Breeze is built on our lightweight Supremo wood core. We reinforce the deck with Torsion-X tape from corner to corner to ensure every Breeze retains the lively feel of our smaller boards. Basalt Fiber Tec gives the Breeze controlled and progressive damping to ensure that it never becomes a handful even in choppy water and gusty winds. A Step Rail underside with a subtle Double Concave allows you track like an arrow and provides extra lift with minimum drag to get you planing earlier and heading further upwind than any of your friends. Discrete Insert Wide allows for extra wide stance set-ups to help you to drive the tail of the board and we offset the inserts towards the heel rail to make it easy to crank the Breeze over to get perfect pop whenever you decide it’s time to take to the air.

The 145cm and 158cm Breeze boards will provide you with more time on the water, helping to make those sub 10 knot days a reality for every rider who prefers a twin tip to a directional board. The 158 is a particular favorite of schools and beginners due to its extra floatation. Light wind specialists and heavier riders alike will find the Breeze boards offer the perfect mix of lightwind/freeride performance and ease of use. If you want to smash the lightwind barrier ride the Breeze and go below 10 knots.

About the Best Extract Board

For performing sick air, megaloops and totally committed tricks Ruben needs gear he can trust 100%. The new Extract twintip is Ruben’s board, designed to perform in the most demanding conditions it delivers the confidence and control that he needs to push the limits of extreme kiting - now you can ride it too.

Ruben worked with the R&D team to create an advanced bottom shape formed with Quad Channels and Concave that works with a new Asymmetric Fin design to provide the unlimited grip he needs in overpowered conditions. The rocker line and concave combine to deliver early planing, super smooth riding in choppy conditions and help Ruben to ride away from even the heaviest landings.

A CNC Machined Supremo Wood Core and 3D Top Sheet combine to deliver the flex pattern and platform stability that Ruben demands. Built with reinforced, inline insert blocks to perform with boots the Extract will help you to launch and land any trick and ride bigger and harder like the most extreme kiter in the world. Join Ruben on the Extract twintip and push the limits.

About the Best KB4 Girls Board

Girls looking for a performance freeride and newschool board tuned specifically for female riders, with a softer flex pattern and female specific features should book a date with the KB4Girls. The KB4Girls is uniquely designed for the needs of female riders. It has been created with the input of participants at KB4Girls events all around the globe and for the third year running it remains Kristin Boese’s go-to board for riding and teaching.

The KB4Girls is built around a lightweight Supremo wood core shaped for comfortable flex and precise control; it is the ideal twintip for Girls looking for a lightweight board that they can session all day. Compatible with straps and bindings the Kb4Girls is designed with the inserts offset towards the heel rail and comes with a narrower stance width and smaller fins customized for the female frame that will allow you to edge and pop like a pro and show the guys how it’s done.

The KB4Girls uses our exclusive, Pre-Preg Lay-up with Vari Flex. Stronger and lighter with more progressive damping the KB4Girls handles better than the competition. At up to 500 grams lighter than similar twintips the KB4Girls is the perfect fit for the way you ride.

Because you want to use the same board to practice your latest tricks, take in sunset sessions with your friends and tackle even the choppiest conditions in comfort and with complete confidence you owe it to yourself to ride the KB4Girls- the one every girl wants.

About the Best Procreator Board

The Pro-Creator is the definitive freestyle/wakestyle crossover board. It is team rider designed and has been tested and approved in the heat of competition.

The Pro-Creator uses the same Beech wood insert supports and UNI-D reinforced tape as the Profanity so you can go huge in bindings or straps. The CNC machined and laminated Paulownia wood core is wrapped up in a 100% uni-directional Pre-Preg lay-up and finished off with an impact resistant ABS Rail and Bullet Proof Bottom Sheet for minimum weight and maximum durability. The Supremo Wood Core and light weight top-sheet in the Pro-Creator means it can be up to 700 grams lighter than less advanced boards, making it one of the lightest competition ready boards that you can take into battle.

Originally developed for top secret aerospace applications Basalt fiber is now used in high-tech applications where its high strength, light weight and improved damping can be beneficial. You’ll find Basalt fiber in windmill blades, racing yachts and of course in every Pro-Creator board. Basalt is eco-friendly, 20% stronger than fiberglass and provides more progressive and better controlled damping than carbon; so we can make our boards lighter and better damped than the competition. This season we added a little Rock to your board because we know how you like to roll.

The Pro-Creator 135 and 139 are the fastest riding, highest performing and most durable twintips that the crew at Best knows how to make and it is the number one freestyle board in the line-up. If you want to compete then you owe it to yourself to ride the best possible board. If failure simply isn’t an option then you must ride the Pro-Creator.

About the Best Profanity Board

100% committed to wakestyle the Profanity is back for another season of slider, kicker and cable mayhem, take it with you when you need a board that is designed to charge in boots and to tackle any obstacle you can put in its way.

The Profanity uses a Supremo Wood core with inline inserts that are reinforced with Beech Wood Blocks and UNI-D tape. This hard core construction gives you the most durable, binding compatible board in our line-up. Add in our Exclusive Basalt Fiber Tec to help serve up butter smooth progressive flex and damping and you get insane pop and control in all conditions.

The underside of the Profanity has the most complex shape we have ever designed into a board. Full length step rails stiffen the board without adding weight. Next up are quad channels for massive amounts of grip giving you the option of running finless for sliders and kickers or using our 25mm, low profile, G10 fins if you simply must have insane grip to load and pop. We then add in a double bottom concave that works with the rocker to smooth out the mid section of the board to give you reduced drag, more lift and early planing while still retaining all the stability of our deep rocker design. Finally we wrap the bottom of the board up with our low friction Bullet Proof Bottom Sheet so you can strut your stuff.

The Profanity is a no compromise wakestyle board 100% dedicated to committed wakestyle riders who needs the strongest and lightest platform. With it’s skate inspired graphics and hardcore build It’s built for jibbing and any trick you can dream of. That’s why it’s the only board our Ronix sponsored team riders reach for every session. It’s time for you to join the movement, ride the Profanity and show you’re committed.

About the Best Spark Plug Prime Board

Let the Spark Plug be the power behind your progression. If you want a freeride focused twintip that delivers easy handling, great performance and feels instantly familiar then you’ll be right at home on the Spark Plug.

The Spark Plug’s Wood Flex core effortlessly soaks up the chop turning all conditions into butter. Its advanced construction with Pre-Preg Lay-up, Basalt Fiber Tec, ABS Box Rail and Discrete Inserts provides you with you with the power and control to reach for the sky and charge upwind like a seasoned pro. For 2014 we’ve included a new top sheet material that is up to 200grams lighter than on previous Spark Plugs. We’ve also added our eco-friendly Basalt Fiber TEC to the lay-up to provide you with improve damping for more control. With reduced swing weight and an improved flex pattern you’ll jump higher and progress faster than you thought possible.

Available in 3 sizes, including a new 132 with slightly more rocker for lighter riders, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your weight and skill level. The Spark Plug is the perfect board for any intermediate rider or expert looking for a slightly softer and more forgiving board and it’s priced lower than you would expect for a board with such a high-spec. Designed with your progress in mind you should let the Spark Plug power your progression.

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