Antal Rings & Loops


Antal Rings + Loops provide the ideal solution for maximum load and minimum weight, while also offering fast and easy connection.

Possible Control System Solutions:

  • 8:1 System
  • Barber Hauler
  • Turn Buckle
  • Furling Line Lead
  • Backstay Bridle
  • Lazy Jack

Part No D L Load Limit Loop Size Loop
Antal Ring
RL30 5mm 60mm 240kg 3mm Dyneema R0705
RL40 7mm 70mm 400kg 4mm Dyneema R1007
RL45 7mm 80mm 700kg 4.5mm Dyneema R1007
RL50 10mm 90mm 900kg 5mm Dyneema R1410
RL60 10mm 110mm 1500kg 6mm Dyneema R1410
RL61 14mm 130mm 1500kg 6mm Dyneema R2014