Andersen Self Tailing Winches: Full Stainless Steel


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Full Stainless Self-Tailing Winches

If you take pride in having your yacht look its best, Andersen's Full Stainless Self-Tailing Winch creates the dock-stopping appeal you desire. It combines all the convenience and power of Andersen's Standard Self-tailing Winch with a stunning all stainless steel look. It simply replaces the standard black synthetic cap and winch base with beautifully polished stainless steel. The dramatic result is a highly reflective winch that becomes a highlight of the boat and a true reflection of your yachting pride.

As with all Andersen Winches, the Full Stainless Self-Tailing winch features the exclusive stainless steel Power Rib drum for maximum power and extended line life. The Full Stainless model also uses their exclusive self-tailing device that automatically accommodates a wide range of different line sizes.

If you prefer to match the color of your winches with the style of your boat, they offer a tough titanium-coating option that will never show wear or tear.