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We are sailors who share your passion for sailing.

Mauri Pro is more than an online sailing retailer; we are an international group of passionate sailors who share the goal of providing you with the most appropriate information to help you select the correct sailboat hardware or sailing equipment for your boat or need with the highest standard of customer service.

The sailors behind these pages and the ones you will be talking to have years of experience building sails, designing deck layouts and running successful racing campaigns or cruising adventures. Our sail consultants and riggers have proven to be excellent one-design racers, offshore sailors and salty cruisers. Customers from around the world will benefit greatly from their knowledge. We sail every weekend on the same venues that you sail, testing equipment that later we will recommend to you based on our experience.

We are a different kind of sailing company. We are not only dedicated to building a user friendly web site, but one that works with sailboat owners and their crews, on and off the water, helping them with the pre- and post-sales service. We aim to provide permanent advice about rig tune, deck layout design, sail trimmming systems and lots more.

Even though our heart is on the Grand Prix race course and our dreams are full of cruising in the South Pacific, we understand that the core of the sailing community lives in the Coastal Cruiser and Club Racer. We are fully committed to support and provide you, the "weekend warrior", with the appropriate information to buy with confidence the sailing gear and sailboat hardware you need.

How We Help

Regatta Sponsorships

We sponsor regattas locally and around the world. to find out how we can help out your event contact us.

Technical Know-How

Our knowledgeable sailors can help you with any repairs or upgrades that you are making to your boat. Need help planning a new deck layout? Can't find that part for your furler? Thinking about getting a new set of sails? Let us help you figure it out. Shoot us an email, give us a call or best yet reach us through our live chat.

Juan Mauri is a world-class one-design sailor and our racing guru. He has been a sail consultant for 12 years with Doyle/Ploch Sailmakers, in St. Petersburg, FL. While living in South America, Juan won over 15 national titles in IMS, J-24, Lasers. He represented his native country Peru in the Pan American Games and won the South American Match Racing Championships. In 1999, he moved to the United States. Since then, Juan Mauri finished 2nd in the US J-24 Nationals, 1st at "The Change of the Colors Regatta", and has won the 2000 and 2001 Hobie 33 North Americans. He also was the tactician onboard the 2000 SORC "Governors Trophy" winner for Top PHRF boat. More

Stephanie runs our order processing and logistics department. Stephanie has been with Mauri Pro Sailing for over 3 years and has been influential in developing the reliable and self sustaining logistics required for fully processing your orders. Stephanie's background in sailing revolves around large yachts and cruising up and down the beaches of Southern Florida. When she arrived to Texas, the first boat she crewed on was a Farr 39ML and then a Lee 69. Needless to say, Stephanie was expecting to be able to hold her drink (Malibu and OJ with no pink umbrella) and sail. After getting a taste of the racing life, Stephanie was hooked! She's always down to sail and enjoys doing racing committee.

When asked about her time at the company, Maia commented: “I have been sailing with Juan since we were both in our 20’s, (a looooong time a ago). And I even endured a great deal of bruises thanks to all of that J24 roll tacking. I'm SURE there will be more bruises and great memories to come!” Maia was born in Peru to an Italian family, and grew up speaking Italian and Castilian (Peruvian Spanish, which is like Spanish, but sounds nothing like Spanish!).

Moving forward, Juan started the business and within a couple of weeks asked Maia to join as co-founder and to manage the daily operations of the new company. As the company grew, her position and role within the company evolved into a much larger position of responsibility she became the Director of Global Operations.

Conner is our lead web developer, working to make sure sailors have an easy to use online source for their sailing solutions. In his free time he enjoys racing his laser, crewing on keelboats and long walks on the beach. Besides sailing, Conner has a love for diving, seafood, dark-n-stormies and all things Island life.

Mehreen is the crew’s graphic designer and content assistant. She is a passionate graphic designer who uses her eye for design to help convey her crew’s idea’s into works of art. She might not be a sailor, but has a passion to learn more about it and better her knowledge of the sailing and water sport world.

Ryan is an html coder and one of our resident content writers. Hailing from Virginia, he shares the same passion for the water and the lifestyle that revolves around sailing.

Sam is a diehard sailor from Dallas, Tx. His passion for sailing makes him easy to find on the weekends as he can be found doing either boat work or at regattas. Off the water, he is happy to share any new experiences with sailors of all levels.





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