Zhik Sailing Gear: Layering Guide

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Zhik makes an innovative line of Wetsuits for various water and air temperture conditions. The above Diagram is a great start in determining what Zhik Gear to wear based on the sailing conditions. In general, you select the top based on the air temperture and the bottom based on the water temperture. You can mix and match the Zhik wetsuits to suit your personal comfort and the conditions that you sail in. You can read more about mixing and matching Zhik Gear in the moderate and varied conditions section below.

Zhik Sailing Gear for Warm Weather
Starting on the warm end of the spectrum, the Zhik Hybrid suit and Zhik Spandex Top can be worn to provide sun protection as well as protection from nonskid grip, cleats, pins and other boat abrasion. The Hybrid suit comes with padded internal knee pads to give protection where needed and had a velcro shoulder entry gives ultimate flexibility and means there are no annoying zippers. The Hybrid Suit is convient because there is no gap between the top and bottom. When sailing on a hot to moderate day in cold water you can wear a spandex or hydrophobic top with a microfleece pant or short. This combination is becoming increasingly popular and also allows you to wear powerpads for hiking.

Zhik Wetsuit Layering for Moderate and Varied Conditions
The Microfleece suits are the workhorse of Zhik's wetsuit line up and come in a variety of types to suit sailor's specific needs. The Microfleece wetsuit comes in a long john wetsuit, 3/4 hiker, and a women's suit. Zhik also makes microfleece pants and shorts. All of these suits can be combined with the Zhik Power Pads to be used as a hiking suit. The Zhik Microfleece long John is a great wetsuit to have if you are looking to buy one suit and layer it with different tops. A popular way to combine elements is to wear the microfleece long john wetsuit or hikers in a wide range of conditions while combining them with different combinations of tops. In moderate conditions the Zhik Microfleece suit can be combined with a Hydrophobic top and as the weather cools down you can add a titanium top over it along with a SuperWarm top when the temperdrops even further.

Zhik Cold Water Sailing Gear
In the coldest conditions you can combine the Zhik SuperWarm long john with a Hydrophobic fleece and a Superwarm Top. Along with a warm fleece hat, some good cold water sailing gloves and boots this combination should keep you warm in even the coldest conditions. Many sailors have found that the SuperWarm wetsuit can be worn in conditions that were previously though of as drysuit only conditions. The Zhik Superwarm suit is confortable and flexible and allows for more dexterity than a drysuit does.

Zhik Deckbeaters and Hiking Pads

The Zhik DeckBeaters are a very popular bottom to wear on a variety of boats. they have padded neoprene strips that prottect the seat and thighs allowing you to hike harder for longer. The Zhik Deckbeaters are not just popular for dinghy sailors, they are also popular with keelboat crews for legs out hiking as they are soft and provide excellent protection from the deck and toe rail. The Zhik Powerpads can be worn with any Zhik wetsuit and are also available with the wetsuits in a hiker package. The Powerpads are popular with laser sailors and other dinghy sailors. Zhik Power Pads
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