Neil PrydeNeil Pryde Xperience Sail

Neil Pryde Xperience 2014 Sail Overview

Experience is easy and fun to use for all ages and levels. It is light, easy to handle and highly durable. All Experience sizes are perfect for schools and learning with the larger sizes specifically designed for SUP sailing.

Key Features
  • SIZE-SPECIFIC BATTEN LAYOUT: 2.5 battens on the 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5 and 3.5 battens on 5.5 and 6.5.
  • HEAVY DUTY DACRON CONSTRUCTION: Full Dacron construction in the top for softness, durability and ease of use. Perfect for learning and schools.
  • HEAVY DUTY ARMOURWEB CONSTRUCTION making the sail more responsive and ideal for SUP sailing.
  • NO FOOT-BATTEN allowing the sail to smoothly transition from tack to tack without any rotation.
  • OPTIMUM VISIBILITY: Front of the window is completely clear for optimum visibility and a soft profile. ClearWeb used for draft stability.

Neil Pryde Xperience 2014 Sail Specs

Size Luff Boom Base Battens Cams Ideal Mast Top Finishing Code
2.5 317 126 2 2-1/2 0 340 Vario BNPEXE25
3.5 375 141 6 2-1/2 0 370 Vario BNPEXE35
4.5 415 164 16 2-1/2 0 400 Vario BNPEXE45
5.5 442 181 12 3-1/2 0 430 Fixed Head BNPEXE55
6.5 463 204 34 3-1/2 0 430 Fixed Head BNPEXE65
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    Code: NPWBNPEXE25000STD

    Price: $299.00


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