Neil PrydeNeil Pryde 2014 Hornet Sail

Neil Pryde Hornet 2014 Sail Overview

Hornet is the sail of choice for sailors looking for easy planing, user-friendly handling and great performance. Six battens support the sail and two IntegraCams hold the profile in place and ensure high stability levels in gusts or when overpowered. The IntegraCams de-load during the rotation of the sail in tacks and gybes making them feel as though they’ve been removed from the sail. The result is cam-free handling in manoeuvres combined with cam-sail straight-line performance and low-end power. Hornet features the revolutionary Forceline Frame construction for dynamic load and shape control and even more durability.

Key Features
  • LIGHT AND FORGIVING: IntegraCams support the profile and allow a six batten layout, keeping the Hornet light with smooth power delivery.
  • NARROW SLEEVE for easy handling and effortless water starts.
  • EARLY PLANING through camber induced moderate-deep profile.
  • INSTANT ROTATION thanks to the nature of the IntegraCam that places the leading edge tension just behind the mast as it would be on a no-cam sail.

Neil Pryde Hornet 2014 Sail Specs

Size Luff Boom Base Battens Cams Ideal Mast Top Finishing Code
5.7 414 178 14 5+1 2 400 Fixed Head BNP14HO57
6.2 433 184 4 5+1 2 430 Fixed Head BNP14HO62
6.7 452 190 22 5+1 2 430 Fixed Head BNP14HO67
7.2 471 196 12 5+1 2 460 Fixed Head BNP14HO72
7.7 491 203 32/2 5+1 2 460/490 Fixed Head BNP14HO77
8.2 509 209 20 5+1 2 490 Fixed Head BNP14HO82
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    Code: NPWBNP14HO003057

    Price: $799.00


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