Neil PrydeNeil Pryde 2014 The Fly HD Sail

Neil Pryde Fly 2014 Sail Overview

Introducing the all-new Fly down-the-line wave sail. The Fly excels in pure, clean waves where the light, soft handling allows for an experience as close to surfing as possible. Designed with a centre of effort that is low and forward in the sail, the Fly retains a handling pedigree and control levels that keep you where the action is – in the critical sections of the wave you've been hunting down. The Fly features the revolutionary Forceline Frame construction for dynamic load and shape control and even more durability.

Key Features
  • COMPACT / EXTRA LIGHT FEELING The improved twist together with the compact low center of effort makes this four batten sail light to handle and very stable in the upper end.
  • CONTROLLED POWER: The low and forward centre of effort locks the draft and provides consistent stability through strong gusts.
  • MANEUVERABILITY: With battens shifted low we reduced the weight in the top and brought a more progressive flex, making the sail neutral and forgiving.
  • CONSTRUCTION: Forceline Frame – connected tack, foot, clew and corner loads.

Neil Pryde Fly HD 2014 Sail Specs

Size Luff Boom Base Battens Cams Ideal Mast Top Finishing Code
3.2 342 137 2 4 0 340 Vario Top BNP14FH32
3.6 356 145 16 4 0 340 Vario Top BNP14FH36
3.9 366 150 26 4 0 340 Vario Top BNP14FH39
4.2 376 154 6 4 0 370 Fixed Head BNP14FH42
4.5 389 159 20 4 0 370 Fixed Head BNP14FH45
4.8 402 164 32 4 0 370 Fixed Head BNP14FH48
5.1 416 169 16 4 0 400 Fixed Head BNP14FH51
5.4 429 174 30 4 0 400 Fixed Head BNP14FH54
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    Code: NPWBNP14FLH004032

    Price: $719.00


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