Neil PrydeNeil Pryde 2014 Atlas Sail

Neil Pryde Atlas 2014 Sail Overview

Atlas offers predictable, steady and user-friendly drive, ideal for use in all wind and wave conditions. Early to plane, the Atlas is up and ready for action with efficient, usable power at all times. Featuring great upwind ability and acceleration, it pushes hard when conditions are less than ideal and its high lift characteristics ensure massive jumping performance. Atlas features the revolutionary Forceline Frame construction for dynamic load and shape control and even more durability.

Key Features
  • HIGHER DRAFT DISTRIBUTION combined with a deep profile, generates power and maximum upwind performance in onshore conditions.
  • HIGHER LEECH TENSION allowing the sail to power up quickly in minimal wind conditions by holding some power in the head.
  • PROGRESSIVE TWIST for optimum response and constant drive, while being able to release any excessive pressure.
  • RIDER FOCUSED CENTRE OF EFFORT: Perfectly balanced power to ensure profile stability and control.

Neil Pryde Atlas 2014 Sail Specs

Size Luff Boom Base Battens Cams Ideal Mast Top Finishing Code
4.0 371 152 2 5 0 370/430 Vario Top BNP14AT40
4.2 378 156 8 5 0 370 Fixed Head BNP14AT42
4.5 388 160 18 5 0 370 Fixed Head BNP14AT45
4.7 398 165 28 5 0 370 Fixed Head BNP14AT47
5.0 414 170 12 5 0 400 Fixed Head BNP14AT50
5.4 425 175 26 5 0 400 Fixed Head BNP14AT54
5.8 440 181 10 5 0 430 Fixed Head BNP14AT58
6.2 454 187 24 5 0 430 Fixed Head BNP14AT62
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    Code: NPWBNP14AT001040
    Black Friday Price: $689.00


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