NaishNaish 2014 Scout SE Sail


The Scout SE is a durable, easy handling sail for beginner windsurfers, centers and schools.

Designed to make entry-level sailing easy and fun, the Scout has a responsive shape that works well for riders of all shapes and sizes. It features a high quality, long-lasting construction using traditional Dacron and PVC. It also has a pocket to store the batten and a clew strap so the sail can be rolled around the mast when not in use.


  • Classic Outline Design = Easy handling with excellent low-end
  • Dacron Luff Panel = Soft feel
  • Luff Batten Pocket = Stores battens when sail is rolled on the mast



Size Luff Boom Mast
2.5 301 120 Mini Ripper
3.0 316 129 RDM 60/370
3.5 357 142 RDM 60/370
4.5 396 163 RDM 60/400
5.5 440 176 RDM 60/430



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Code: NAI14SC

Price: $345.00


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