Neil PrydeNeil Pryde FX100 RDM Mast

Neil Pryde FX100 Mast Description

A 100% carbon, precision engineered, machine made filament wound mast where each individual yarn is applied to a pre-set computer program. Each mast size has a custom layup of carbon yarns where each individual layer is applied at a unique angle to the mandrel to match the bend characteristics, loads and load angles each section will be subject to. Upper sections of the masts are subject to twisting and torque loads and only filament wound technology allows precision matching of load bearing yarns with the actual load angles the mast is subject to. Based on Neil Pryde's proven technology from the RS:X Olympic program where durability, reliability and performance go hand in hand, the FX100's are light, tough, strong and fast.

Length / cm Stiffness Weight / KG Code
340 13 1.35 RMFX100R340
370 16 1.50 RMFX100R370
400 19 1.70 RMFX100R400
430 21 1.85 RMFX100R430
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    Code: NPWRMFX100RSTD340

    Price: $579.00


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