NaishNaish CB Booms


All Naish booms are manufactured with a high quality boom grip that provides comfort for the hands and great traction. They also feature a removable RDM inlay that allows for boom height adjustment without releasing outhaul tension.


  • 100% Carbon pre-preg/Carbon main body
  • Continuous bend curve
  • 26mm diameter on CB wave size
  • 29mm grip area diameter on FREERIDE and SLALOM sizes
  • Function determined carbon back ends


Boom Length Contsruction Bend Curve Diameter Back End Back End Cleat
CB Wave Pro 140-190 Pre-Preg Carbon Continuous 26 Carbon Wave
CB Freeride Pro 160-210 Pre-Preg Carbon Continuous 29-31 Carbon Slalom
CB Slalom Pro 180-240 Pre-Preg Carbon Continuous 29-31 Carbon Slalom


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    Code: NAI13BMCBW

    Price: $790.00


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