JPJP Freestyle PRO 2014 Windsurf Board

JP Windsurf - Freestyle Overview

JP Freestyle Windsurf Board
PRO EDITION in Carbon Innegra Technology

Steven van Broeckhoven and shaper Werner Gnigler have developed the three sizes, 90,100 and 106. Two of the sizes were already flawless for today’s powerful double moves and trick combos. These moves require fast and direct boards with explosive pop – even a 2nd and 3rd time – and the 90 and 100 were up to that! Steven and Youp Schmit are more than happy with their feeling and performance. So we left them unchanged. Nevertheless, Steven had the intention to adapt the light air freestyle board not only to fulfill the highest standards of modern freestyle in lighter winds but also to make it feel as radical as its smaller brothers.

The thick and wide tail provides stability as well as instant pop which is the base for all the difficult double and triple moves. By moving the mast track and fin positions further back JP has loosened up the ride and made the boards sit higher on the water, resulting in better acceleration, speed and immediate board response.

Excess volume between the straps helps to maintain the speed whilst switch stance and supports the explosive pop. The sharp tuck edge from the mastbase area to the tail grips firmly while the bevel and the full rail towards the nose keep the board sliding.

The narrow and upright new-school freestyle fins develop sufficient lift and quick response. The double-screw freestyle footstrap feels solid and direct and accommodates all sizes of feet – even very large ones wearing booties. The inside edges are very comfortable even when going switch stance.

The 106 is only 1.5 cm wider but 1cm shorter than its smaller brother. Volume was added in the mid-section where it is most efficient for stability, early planing and acceleration. Thus, the new 106 feels like the 100 and has the same explosive direct feel with super fast rotation.

Steven and Youp are prepared for the season and so is their equipment. Our boards are ready to pull-off whatever our pros demand and what you dream off. And with the new 106L, also riders with 80 kg and more will be able execute their most radical moves.

Get a POPster – be a POPstar!

JP Windsurf - Freestyle Board Specifications

Freestyle Length
W. Pro +/-6%
Fins Shaper Sails
90 230 /
60 /
90 5.9 /
Freestyle 18 G10 (PB) Gnigler ideal: 4.2-5.8
rec.: 3.8-6.2
100 228 /
64 /
100 6.3 /
Freestyle 20 G10 (PB) Gnigler ideal: 4.8-6.2
rec.: 4.2-6.5
106 227 /
65.5 /
106 6.5 /
Freestyle 22 G10 (PB) Gnigler ideal: 5.0-6.5
rec.: 4.8-6.9
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    Price: $2,327.00


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