WichardWichard Self-Locking Large Opening Shackle - 1/4 in.
Product Description

Shackle / Standard Pin "Large Openin"

A shackle has to provide the security of connection between two parts. Its choice cannot be haphazard. Selecting a Wichard shackle is a choice for safety. Drop forged for superior strength, every genuine Wichard product is easily recognized by our signature "W - in - a pentagon" insignia stamped on every part.

The self locking pin is designed for your safety. Small indentations in the shackle engage the head of the pin. Final tightening then creates the tension that locks the pin in place. Even the most violent vibrations will not loosen the pin

Part Number: 1263

Imperial Metric
Diameter 1/4" 6 mm
Working Load 705 lb 320 kg
Breaking Load 3306 lb 1500 kg
Weight 0.95 oz 0.027 kg


A 1.7" 42 mm
B 1" 25.5 mm

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Code: WIC1263

Original Price:$30.50
Price: $20.99


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