CabrinhaCabrinha CUSTOM- Wakestyle/Freestyle


This Custom version has a slightly lower rocker line for quick bursts of speed and flat water pop. This modified rocker line aids in upwind ability and is excellent for takeoffs and landings. The Triax laminate construction makes this version forgiving when building on your wakestyle routine. The Custom progresses with a modified bottom shape that can be ridden with or without fins. The Custom can be ridden with Cabrinha's H1, H2 straps or with boots. New to the Custom this year is the option to attach a handle.

Board comes includes Fins and Handle. Purchase Footstraps here

Key Features

  • Makes Rolling into Inverted Tricks a Snap
  • Turns Choppy Water into Your Personal Skate Park
  • Easy Landings
  • Huge Pop 
  • Great Upwind Capability 
  • Handle Insert
  • Compatible with H1, H2, and Boots

Board Tech

Custom Board Tech
Cabrinah Kite Tech 2DR
Paulownia wood is vertically laminated to optimize strength, reduce weight and allow the board to flex more naturally and freely. This strong wood makes up the core of the board and gives you the strength you need to match your style of riding .Found in all 2014 models.
A single pour liquid urethane elastomer around the entire boardis the ultimate impact resistance material while helping with rebound and vibration reduction. This provides the ultimate in durability and strength around the wood core.
Cabrinha Kite Tech Skeletal Frame
Cabrinha Kite Tech Skeletal Frame
Triax glass laminates provide strength in 3 directions in key areas. This Strategic reinforcement helps increase the durability on the baord, as well as, provide significant protection from overflexing the board.
Fast/Low Rocker Line-Provides razor sharp responsiveness and stability for landings. Designed to get you up and riding quickly.
Cabrinha Kite Tech Skeletal Frame
Cabrinha Kite Tech Skeletal Frame
The 2014 range is loaded with new outlines and bottom shapes. Each performs a unique function, fine-tuning how the board rides through the water according to its width from tip to tail, fin setup, rocker and outline. Concaves create lift and make the board sit higher in the water. Channels act like long fins. They allow the board to edge harder. You will see these more aggressive shapes in our wakestyle and crossover boards. A smooth featureless board bottom shape lets the the width throughout the rocker and the fins do their job, which can be a benefit in lighter winds.
Custom foiled 45mm G10 Wake fins are on every twin tip board in the Cabrinha Range. They have been designed with High qualit, which gives Cabrinha Twin Tip Boards superior strength, and allows you to perform at a professional level!
Cabrinha Kite Tech Skeletal Frame
Cabrinha Kite Tech Skeletal Frame
Cabrinah offers custom stainless hardware which now features the universal M6 mounting screw which is compatible with all Cabrinha Component Parts.
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