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The Armada is a performance freeride and newschool twintip and it’s the ideal board for advanced kiters who session all day long.

At the center of the Armada is a CNC machined and laminated Paulownia wood core. Discrete inserts are plugged into the core and reinforced with a tip-to-tail UNI-D tape reinforcement for maximum strength and durability, allowing you to choose between straps or bindings. We wrap the core inside a 100% uni-directional, Pre-Preg lay-up and finish it off with an impact resistant ABS rail. This Supremo Wood Core construction means the Armada can be up to 700 grams lighter than less advanced boards and makes it one of the lightest boards you can own.

Originally developed for top secret aerospace applications Basalt fiber is now used in high-tech applications where its high strength, light weight and improved damping can be beneficial. You’ll find Basalt fiber in windmill blades and racing yachts and of course in every Armada board. The new Armada uses our exclusive, eco friendly Basalt Fiber Tec. Basalt is 20% stronger than fiberglass and provides more progressive and better controlled damping than carbon; so we can make our boards lighter and better damped than the competition. This season we added a little Rock to your board because we know how you like to roll.

If your skills have outgrown your current board and you are looking for a performance freestyle board that is forgiving enough to let you push hard all day long and has the versatility to tackle all riding styles then you need the Armada. Set sail with the Armada today and get blown away.

Key Features

  • Performance Freeride and New School twintip
  • Lightweight Supremo Paulownia wood core for comfortable flex and precise control
  • Pre Preg layup up to 700gr lighter than other molded layups
  • Size specific flex patterns for more control and pop built with our exclusive Vari Flex technology
  • Equipped with mercury pads and straps, grab handle and 50mm G10 fins (131 will be delivered with 40mm fins).

Riding Style

Armada Kiteboard Riding Style




Basalt Fiber Tec

Pre Preg Kiteboard Construction

Supremo Wood core Kiteboard

Vari Flex Kiteboard


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