MistralMistral M1 Open Ocean Racer 12'6" x 26.5"


Mistral M1 Pro Open Ocean Downwind Racer 12´

Mistral’s new Open Ocean Downwind boards, open up a world of possibilities in harnessing nature’s elements of wind and water. Born on the winds of time, Mistral takes its name from France’s famous Mistral Wind and so it is only natural we should seek to exploit the winds energy in producing SUP boards specific to the task of embracing this high performance, exhilarating, discipline enjoyed the world over.

From nose to tail, both the 12’6” and 14’ Open Ocean Downwind (race) boards are purpose made to ride wind-generated waves and swell. The curved rocker line of the nose, sweeping elegantly upward in combination with its added ‘plum’ volume, prevents nose diving during critical drop-ins, while the transition from a flat planning surface, into marginal double-concaves, assists in accelerating and shedding water directly under the working area of the paddler.

The 12’6” is suited to the smaller rider searching for fun and the convenience of a small and highly maneuverable ocean board, while the 14’0” board is designed for the serious downwind paddler, looking for the highest levels of performance for pleasure or competition. The winged squash-tail design, keeps the width as far aft as possible to ensure maximum planning potential, before narrowing inward. The added chine and aft ‘V’ bottom profile, assists rail transition at speed, when the water ‘hardens’ under pressure. Hard rear rails, assist with directional stability at speed. Rail thickness has been kept adequate to ensure that even at slow speeds or when stalling in the trough, the paddler’s weight will be supported.

Beveled-rails give the board added levels of maneuverability and assist in shedding water fast and efficiently. Low-profile rail contours, feature a soft curve into the deck so as to help spill side winds and water, while the rails blend from tip to tail with a flowing transition of thickness allowing the water to pass around the board with a minimum amount of surface resistance. A crowned deck directs water off and away from the deck area. The deck layout has been designed to be a great place to be, ensuring you can deliver maximum power through the blade with equal traction through the feet. The recessed deck area lowers the paddler’s centre of gravity, assisting balance in rough waters, while the open-ended deck, flushes water over the tail area. Paddle between islands, paddle the coastline following the wind or simply enjoy the open ocean waters on mellow days, on a board designed to handle most anything that can be thrown at it. But best of all, harness the elements and enjoy the sleigh-ride that these boards deliver in combining wind and water.

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