MistralMistral M2 Flatwater Race 12'6" x 23.6" Hollow Carbon


Mistral M2 Flatwater Racer

The M2 full carbon race board is one of the lightest, fastest on the market, for pro-riders and experts, with an average board weight of 8.6kg (12’6”) and 9.3 kg (14’0). Designed with flat-water and speed in mind, the conic hull shape brings in a great blend of acceleration and effortless gliding. Mistral has fused the positive gliding characteristics of a racing kayak with those of a surfboard. 

M2 Flat-Water Racers are trimmed for 100% speed, featuring an exceptionally narrow outline and made in ultra- lightweight specialized full carbon construction, for professional level flat-water racing. Due to a low profile nose rocker and an extremely pointed shape, it glides through flat-water with noticeably lower resistance.

The Mistral R&D team has already enjoyed decades of success with their race boards; Olympic windsurf boards have been made in the past on three separate occasions and Mistral ahs now gone out of their way with the M2 to repeat this success story with their SUP race boards. The M2 is definitely faster than anything Mistral has ever built!

The ‘Hawk’ nose ensures a very straight glide during the recovery phase and provides improved directional stability during the power phase, meaning you need change sides less frequently. A lowered standing area lowers your centre of gravity to improve stability.

Several 1st place positions have been won on this pure flat-water race beast. If you can tame it, you will be leading the pack!

Best of both worlds
The M2 Flat-Water Racer lends it shape from kayak racing hull design and is built in full carbon using advanced surfboard construction technology. The ideal hull shape created maximizes glide through reduced drag and includes concave tail, rounded rails and the addition of a ‘Hawk’ shaped nose.

Conical Hull Board
The M2 Flat-Water Racer features an innovative shape, inspired by Olympic flat-water kayak racing craft. It is conically tailored, measuring 66cm at the top and only 60cm at the bottom. This conical shaped board will always have the minimum of wetted surface area, no matter the weight of the paddler resulting in a higher speed potential. Also available in full hollow carbon version (all black) in 12‘6 and 14‘0.

A combination of an ultra light carbon weave and original wood wrapped around a light density styrofoam core. The carbon is type T700 which is regarded as top quality. This construction is the first real performance technology to be introduced to the world of paddle boarding. The challenge with Carbon is to allow some flex and to have a high dynamic stability. You have never paddled any race boards which are lighter and faster.

The technology behind Mistral's race boards is a special molding technique. Most of the race boards in the market are hand or machine shaped and hand laminated. Not the Mistral boards. They come out an exact mold so that each board is completely identical. On top of it, the molding process with high pressure guarantees that only the resin is in the construction, which is necessary to have a very strong laminate. During the molding process the excess epoxy resin is pressed out of the mould, while in the hand-layup it stays inside which makes the board extra heavy.


  • Innovative conical Kayak shape 
  • Exceptionally narrow outline 
  • O riginal hawk nose shape for a maximum of direction stability 
  • Lowered standing area for increased stability 
  • Ultra-light full carbon construction

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