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JP SUP - Sportster All Water WS Description


When JP SUP developed the new RACE ALLWATER they figured out that this board concept is fantastic for the costal environment and needed to come up with a user friendlier version by just adding the overall width. Paddling in the ocean is one of the most popular environments to take SUP boards these days not to mention the popular concept of costal downwind paddle runs.

The SPORTSTER ALL WATER‘s primary goal is to be able to take advantage of the open ocean swells. It must be easy to catch a swell while maintaining speed to stay upon them, navigating them as long as possible and connect easily to the next swell. The SPORTSTER ALL WATER has a lot more overall curve compared to its flat water sibling.


For 2014, JP developed a new concept for displacement speed machines. Alongside the four new dedicated race shapes, they have four shapes of slightly wider race siblings – the SPORTSTERs. The SPORTSTERs can be either no-compromise full-on race boards for the bigger guys or relaxed touring shapes for the lighter SUPers.
In both, the RACE and the SPORTSTER group JP decided to create flat water and all water versions for the 12’6’’ and the 14’0” class. The RACE and SPORTSTERs feature the same respective dedicated waterlines but differ in width. The SPORTSTERs come in affordable Wood Sandwich technology as well as in full Carbon wrap technology while the RACE shapes come exclusively in the no-compromise full Carbon wrap technology.

WS – Wood Sandwich technology with matt finish and glossy rails

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    Price: $2,049.00


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