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JP SUP - Wide Body WS Board Description

The versatility of the JP WIDE BODY SUPs made them popular amongst water sports enthusiasts of all ages around the world. Perfect for a social paddle with family and friends on rivers, lakes and for exciting sessions on the ocean. These boards are usable for every member of the family. Take your kids, your partner or even the dog for a cruise on flat water, or find some waves and exercise your first rides. Being rather wide makes them super stable platforms. All four boards are also great beginner and cruiser windsurf boards.

WIDE BODY 9‘9“ x 32“
This is the all-in-one fun SUP and Windsurf board for flat water and small waves. Made for beginners and advanced riders in both sports. Its width provides enough stability for everybody to paddle through the white water and in rough conditions. The special outline and its relative shortness make it very easy to maneuver and turn. It is so easy to paddle into waves with this one.

WIDE BODY 10‘0“x33,5“
Novice SUP riders who have the urge of getting in the waves quickly pick the 10‘0“. It is short and due to its 33,5“ width, it is super stable. Instant fun and improvement is guaranteed. The short length makes it easy to catch waves and even steep beach breaks are fun to ride. You never ever fall off this one in flat water. The stability the board provides makes it a perfect family toy for every family member.

WIDE BODY 10‘9“x32“
A perfect family toy! Great SUP and windsurf beginner board as well as a fun board for the advanced SUPer and windsurfer. The increased length and volume offer extra stability and allow you to experience that planing sensation as soon as the wind picks up. It works perfect for flat water paddling or a rookie windsurf session in flat water as well as in small waves for SUPing and Windsurfing. If you want a board for the whole family this is the one.

WIDE BODY 10’2”x35”
For 2014 JP added a really big WIDE BODY to the range. With 228 liters of volume and a width of 35” it will make sure that even the biggest of us out there get the sufficient support. Due to a fairly short length it is still very maneuverable.

All three are all-round boards which work great in fl at water and small to medium waves.
The ALLROUNDs are the fastest boards in a straight line because of their directional stability.
The WIDE BODYs are the most stable boards, because of their width and are therefore the best boards for beginners in flat water and waves.
The FUSIONs are the most wave oriented out of the three

WS – Wood Sandwich technology with matt finish and glossy rails

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