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JP SUP - Venus Board Description

For 2014 JP involved a great group of ladies to design with us a specific women’s SUP line. Everyone was in favor of giving the line a little more diversity and to offer the girls an opportunity to choose a shape to their particular SUP preferences. The whole range comes with a FCS plug in the nose to attach a GoPro camera. They also come with a mastfoot insert to attach a windsurf rig.

The JP Venus 8’10’’ board is a dedicated surf SUP shape with a narrower nose section, with higher entry and extra rocker. Towards the back the board has a pulled-in outline with increased V. This board is for the advanced SUP surfer girls who will enjoy the vertical turns and surfboard style ripping that the 8’10” offers!

The 9’8” is a surfy-all-round shape that performs equally well in the surf as well as in the directional paddling from light weight beginners to performance surfers. It features a single concave throughout running into a V towards the tail.

The 11’2” is a classic longboard style board that offers great directional performance as well as the cool and easy fi rst steps in the world of SUP surfi ng.

The 10’9” with the generous 189 liters and 32” width is a great beginner board for all SUP styles out there and especially for the SUP yoga as it offers a great platform for even the most demanding poses.

WS GL – Wood Sandwich technology with glossy finish

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