JPJP Paddle Allround WS GLOSS

JP SUP - ALLROUND WS GLOSS Board Description

A concave nose, based on longboard designs, creates more lift when touching the water and avoids nose diving. Very round rails and tuck, like surfboards. When standing in the middle of the board, the relatively flat deck curve makes it easy to keep the balance during paddling. Based on classic long board designs it is the perfect combination of easy paddling, stability and maneuverability. The narrow tail, in combination with increased V, makes them very loose and responsive. A flat deck curve gives the rider confidence when paddling and the stability needed to cross the breaking waves. They are great windsurf beginner and CRUISER boards as well as light wind wave boards.

ALLROUND 11‘2“x30“
The length in combination with 30“ width guarantees stability and directional traction whilst paddling in a straight line. The smooth bottom curve provides good glide and, in combination with the increasing tail kick, easy turning for wave action. A great shape that suits all riding styles in most conditions.

ALLROUND 11‘8“x31“
Very stable and versatile, making it the perfect beginner board! Because of its long waterline it is an excellent glider for open ocean, rivers, inner city waterways or lakes. The 31“ width and the slightly fuller rails make it so stable that catching a wave is child‘s play. Despite its large size this board is very maneuverable. A smooth rocker allows the board to turn tightly enough to carve out a wave face. A sharper tuck line in the tail area gives the board enough traction to be used as a windsurfer! Just rig up and cruise around. This is the ideal all-round board for resorts and windsurf centers. Fun to use with or without wind; whether paddling or sailing, the whole family can get on and play.

ALLROUND 12‘0“x32,5“
We took the 12‘0“ to the next level of big. It has same maneuverable features of its smaller ALLROUND brothers with the bonus of generous 217 liters of volume. The additional width also plays a big role in the overall stability. Whether it is a first stroke of a beginner’s paddle, a longboard style surf session for a bigger guy or a fun downwind tour – the ALLROUND 12‘0“ does it all.

All three are all-round boards which work great in flat water and small to medium waves.
The ALLROUNDs are the fastest boards in a straight line because of their directional stability.
The WIDE BODYs are the most stable boards, because of their width and are therefore the best boards for beginners in flat water and waves.
The FUSIONs are the most wave oriented out of the three.

The range of use of those longboard style SUPs is simply amazing. They work great for SUP beginners, flat water cruisers, first time wave SUPers and for wave experts. They are super easy to ride and turn, surprisingly fast and work in pretty much any condition.

WS GL – Wood Sandwich technology with glossy finish

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