ProfurlProfurl Spinex 2.5 Top Down Furler Conversion Kit
Product Description

This conversion kit includes the parts necessary to convert a Profurl NEX Code 0 furler to a top-down spinnaker furler.

If you do not already have a Profurl NEX furler, you can order a complete top-down furling system here.

Sail Bearing Technology

The core of this furler is the introduction of exclusive Sail Bearing technology that lines the torque cable with numerous. High density polyester bearing balls. Each of these grooved Sail Bearings run freely around the cable allowing the sail to gather and deploy smoothly without binding or "reverse furling" SPINEX also utilizes all the unique design benefits of the recently introduced NEX system including the IConnect one button attachment system and Quick Fit furling line engagement for easy deployment and storage.

• Spinnaker lashed to the top fitting.
• Unique ball bearing system helps the sail unfurl smoothly.
• Bearing lock allows the ball reverse furl effect.
• Cable termination fitting allows for quick easy installation on the deck of the boat.
• Friction free torlon ball bearing swivel creates a free running tack attachment point. Shown in large image using a fixed tack arrangement.
• Ratchet block to indicate the direction of furling.
• Purchase system to tension the furling line before furling.

Note: The furling line comes unspliced and will require splicing by the end user to meet customized lengths needed.

Max Boat Length
NEX Furler
Rope Diameter
29 ft.
10mm / 3/8"
14 mts. / 46 ft.
35 ft.
10mm / 3/8"
17 mts. / 56 ft.
44 ft.
12mm / 1/2"
20 mts. / 65 ft.
60 ft.
12mm / 1/2"
25 mts. / 82 ft.


Installation Manual: Profurl SPINEX Top Down Furler Installation Manual
Furling Kit Includes:

Torque Cable
Sail Bearings
Cable Terminations (Top and Bottom)
Lower End Tack Swivel

Profurl Spinex 2.5 Von Oben Nach Unten Rollreffanlage Umbausatz
Profurl Spinex 2.5 Enrollador Top Down Kit de Conversión
Profurl Spinex 2.5 De Haut En Bas Emmagasineur Kit De Conversion
Profurl Spinex 2.5 Top Giù Avvolgitori Kit di Converione
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