PlastimoPlastimo Olympic 135 Compass Black, Black, Alone

Specifically designed for sailing boats, the Olympic compasses feature an exceptionally steady card and remain absolutely accurate whatever the heeling angle and the weather conditions. Plastimo is the only compass manufacturer offering a 5-year warranty.

Manufacturer Code: 17281

Tech Info

Boat Size
30 ft +
Compass Card
Flat card, graduated every 5° Apparent Ø130 mm. Heading numerals every 30°.
Unique articulated protective hood : built-in sliding cover, composed of 3 telescopic parts.
Pedestal mounting or minimal height flush mounting. Choice of 2 binnacles (96 mm high) ; Pedestal Ø 175 mm.
Lubber lines
3 lubber lines, at 45°.
Supplied as standard.
12 or 24 Vdc. 2 bulbs : red lighting on black card, white lighting on red card.
Supplied with
Drilling template
Plastimo Olympic 135 Kompass Schwarz, Schwarz, Alone
Plastimo Olympic 135 Brújula Negro, Negro, Solo
Plastimo Olympic 135 Compas Noir, Noir, Alone
Plastimo Olympic 135 Compasso Nero, Nero, Alone
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