OptipartsOptiparts Optimist Optiparts New Rule Racing Rudder with Fittings , Tiller and Ext.
Product Description

Includes: Tillers and extensions.

Rudderblade with rudder fittings mounted, made of epoxy with standard finnish. Built according to the class rules; made to the maximum allowed thickness to create a foil as stiff as possible; and wetsanded below the waterline, creating less drag and a super smooth surface.

Part Number: EX11055 with tiller and extensions

Optiparts Optimist Optiparts Neu Regel Racing Ruder mit Ausstattung , Pinne und Ext.
Optiparts Optimist Optiparts Nuevo Rule Regata Timón con Guarniciones , Caña de Timón and Ext.
Optiparts Optimist Optiparts Nouveau Règle Racing Safran à Raccords , Stick Et Ext.
Optiparts Optimist Optiparts New Rule Regata Timone con Raccordi , Barra de Timone e Ext.
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