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Velocitek builds high-performance GPS enabled sailing instruments. Their devices are designed to give you the critical tactical information you need, when you need it. Velocitek designers have worked hard over several generations of products to produce easy to use instruments that help you keep your head out of the boat and in the race.

If you race sailboats, the benefits of an accurate speedometer are probably already fairly obvious to you. Even still, you might not sail with a speedo because you can’t be bothered to drill holes in your hull and wire-up a paddlewheel transducer. Or maybe you already have a through-hull speedo but you’re sick of the transducer getting fouled and you’re never quite sure if the instrument is properly calibrated. The award winning Velocitek SpeedPuck is completely self contained and can be installed in seconds, without tools. Instead of using a paddlewheel, the SpeedPuck calculates your speed by measuring the Doppler shift in GPS signals to provide you with an updated reading every half-second. The SpeedPuck never needs to be calibrated and maintains uniform accuracy at all speeds.

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Velocitek Shift
The Velocitek Shift, takes some of the challenging aspects of racing and makes them simple for you to understand. The Velocitek Shift allows you to see shifts at a single glance. With big numbers and bold arrows, you can easily see how much you are headed or lifted. The numbers themselves, are 1.5" high (38mm) and can easily be read from over 100 ft (30m) away. The Shift's high contrast LCD will also show up crystal clear through your polarized sunglasses. The user interface on the Shift is simple and works well under the harshest conditions due to its oversized buttons that allow you store port and starboard reference angles on the fly.

The Shift uses a combination of solid-state accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetic sensors to completely track the orientation of your boat in 3 dimensions. The result is aerospace-grade heading indication that is smoother and more responsive than any other tactical compass on the market. When you hear or see any type of start signal just hit the GUN button. If the timer isn’t running, it will start. If the timer is running it will sync. Once the timer is sync'ed you can independently adjust minutes while the seconds keep counting down. The Shift also comes with a red LED backlight that won’t ruin your night vision. The battery's good for over 60 hours of sailing in the dark.

Velocitek ProStart
The ProStart from Velocitek is specifically designed from the ground up to give you the easiest, most accurate distance to line measurements ever. Setting the line is as simple as telling your crew to press the boat button as you sail by the RC and then the pin button as you sail by the pin. Once you’ve pinged both ends of the line, the ProStart uses the latest WAAS-augmented GPS technology to spit out an accurate distance to line measurement every half-second.

We at Mauri Pro Sailing are fully committed to be your Velocitek Performance Sailing Instruments specialist not only providing the sailing community with a comprehensive and easy to use web site but with all the appropriate technical information that you might need to select your sailboat hardware and equipment. If you need any assistance selecting the appropriate Velocitek Performance Sailing Instruments please contact us. Our crew is ready to help!


VELSHFTOFFBRKT - Velocitek Shift Offset Bracket (Cradle Included)
Price: $89.00
VELSHFTBLKSOFF - Velocitek Shift Bulkhead Standoffs
Price: $7.50
VELSHFTBATT - Velocitek Shift Replacement Battery
Price: $30.00
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Price: $699.00


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