NaishNaish 2014 Bullet Sail


The Bullet is a state-of-the-art slalom/race sail for high performance sailors who demand maximum speed and total control.

Designed utilizing Naish’s highly developed 3D shaping and exclusive Carbontech construction, the Bullet features a deep, powerful draft and a clean, aerodynamic shape for powerful acceleration and blistering speed.


  • 7 Battens/3 Cams = Slalom/race performance
  • Super Stable Shape = Predictable, smooth power
  • Low Aspect Ratio = Great handling + wide range
  • Single Scrim Luff Panel = Balances power + maintains drive
  • Composite Scrim/Dacron Sleeve = Lightweight + clean leading edge
  • Horizontal Panel Layout = Evenly distributed shape + progressive twist





Size Luff Boom Mast
5.8 432 182 SDM90/430
6.4 444 192 SDM90/430
7.0 459 202 SDM90/460
7.8 472 217 SDM90/460
8.8 489 228 SDM90/460



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