Product Description

Sensor Heel Angle Accurate true wind data is very difficult to obtain. This data is the resultant of a calculation using many parameters including wind speed surfaces, such as angle and speed of the apparent wind, the drift surfaces, the angle of heel and the twist of the mast.

A Regatta Processor, integrated in the nke bus architecture, processes data from all HR sensors at a high performance level, it transmits the data to displays and on-board tactical computers. The processor is rugged, and has a very low power consumption.

The acquisition of the data is done at 25 Hz, wich means 25 measurements per second. Associated with the tables of correction, the processor provides an accurate and reactive true wind.

Measuring data of the attitude of the hull (3D movement of the boat), angle of heel, accelerations and speed of gyration (which can affect a wind vane for more than 20 in waves), the true wind is corrected for accelerations of the boat in any wave action.

Part Number: 90-60-384

Imperial Metric
Weight 16.9 oz 500 g
Power Supply 9 to 18 V 9 to 18 V
Consumption 200 mA 200 mA
Tightness IP67 IP67

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NKE Regatta Processor

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