NKENKE Battery Control 100 Amp
Product Description

Capable of managing two sets of batteries, this sensor allows you to continuously monitor the state of your batteries and to optimise your consumptions and charge time; an NKE exclusivity.

Also available in a 200A version.

Electrical Characteristics
Maximum current carrying capacity:
• 40A on a permanent basis
• 100A for 2 minutes
• 200A for 30 seconds
• Type of fuse protecting the measurement wire plus: 5 x 20 100mA
• Power consumption: 0.3 mA

Mechanical Characteristics
• Overall height with lug: 60mm
• Length: 105mm, Width: 71mm
• Drilling diameter for mounting holes: 5mm
• Centre-to-centre drilling distance for mounting screws: 95mm
• Weight: 700 g
• Nut type for stud bat1, bat2 and COM: M10

Note: You can connect a set of batterie in 12V and the second one in 24V

Part Number: 90-60-020

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Code: NKE9060020

Price: $549.00


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