NKENKE Gyropilot Package Type 27 (Boats to 26 ft.)
Product Description

In order to provide you with the best possible quality of sailing, nke's auto-pilots are fitted with a very high performance rate gyro that continuously measures the boat behavior with high accuracy. This rate gyro directly provides the information to the pilot calculator, which can thus instantaneously and adequately apply the required corrections to the helm.

Pack Includes:
• 1 Gyropilot Graphic multifonction
• gyropilot2 computer with gyro
• reversible hydraulic drive unit
• 12V/12V converter
• compass sensor
• rudder reference
• bus connexion box (+ bus supply power filter)
• 15m bus cable.

Part Number: 98-60-224

Imperial Metric
Type 27 27
Lenght < 26' 3" < 8 M
Thrust 396.8 lb 180 kg

Gyropilot Graphic multifonction. Display of the data in pilot mode, the choice of the 5 steering modes and the sailing data. Includes control of the pilot with backlight keys, direct adjustment (with the browser) of the gain and of the instructions per degree, direct access to the adjustments and alarms, display of the data received on the NMEA input and saving of the adjustments according to the conditions.

Gyropilot2 computer with gyro. A single model for racing and yachting; course handling in all weather conditions. The NKE calculator has proved its effectiveness during several transatlantic races.

Reversible hydraulic drive unit. NKE favours hydraulics for its proven reliability, available power and swiftness. The system includes a reversible pump and a linear cylinder. Equipped with this system, NKE offers you the guarantee of a solid helm handling under any condition and optimum efficiency.

Compass sensor. This fluxgate compass provides the magnetic heading of the boat. It is installed away from magnetic disruptions and is connected to the TOPLINE bus of your installation. Thanks to an autocompensation curve with 10 increments, you will achieve a highly accurate heading.

Rudder reference. The NKE sensor, placed on the quadrant, replicates the helm angle to one degree in order to transfer the most precise information. For ideal operation of your pilot, the anemovane, boat speed and carbowind sensors are essential elements; accuracy to one degree.

NKE Gyropilot Paket Typ 27 (Boote zu 26 ft.)
NKE Gyropilot Paqueteage Tipo 27 (Embarcaciones to 26 ft.)
NKE Gyropilot Paquet Type 27 (Bateau à 26 ft.)
NKE GyroPilota Pacchetto Tipo 27 (Boats a 26 ft.)
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