CabrinhaCabrinha Overdrive IX Control System


Built from Cabrinha's constant quest to find a simpler solution to kite control, handling and security. Cabrinha's cleanest and most feature rich control system to date. The Overdrive 1X control and security system is a compact joystick with heaps of built in features. It is designed to have the fastest turning possible with direct steering that provides more direct feel.

Key Features:

  • 1X Security - Complete Kite Shut Down
  • Bar length adjusts 8cm in seconds
  • Internalized lines / clutter free
  • Depower on Demand
  • Removable Security Pin
  • Spinning Leash
  • Secondary QR
  • Ergonomic Floating Bar Ends
  • Internal Swivel

The Overdrive 49-57 cm bar should not be used with the Contra kites due to the length of the security line. The Contra must use the Overdrive 1XL to achieve the full function of the security system.

Over Drive 1X Control


Bar Tech


The main QR activates the 1X complete shut down in all conditions. To reconnect, simply push the QR up until it catches the hool, insert the pin through the tower and cover the pin with the QR. Located below the main QR, the secondary QR allows the rider to completely disconnect from their kite.

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Recoil Kiteboarding


Recoil keeps your trim adjusters in the same position every time. Even after you've depowered your kite, recoil will return the trim adjusters to the exact same position for easy operation.


Multi Bore Tubing
One of the features that allows Cabrinha to internalize everthing is the dual chamer PU tubing. the protective PU tubing allows them to run the depower mainline and the 1X landing line through the center of the bar without the risk of abrasion or tangling.

Multi Bore Kite Control
Floating Bar

Floating Bar Ends

The EVA ends are buoyant enough to float the entire control system with the lines attached, thus making the bulky floats on the leaderlines unnecessary. The tips have flex grooves which aid in the bending of the tips while unwinding your lines onto the bar or while steering your kite.

Internal Swivel

The internal swivel allows the depower mainline and the 1X security line to spin together in unison. This eliminates the chance for the lines to tangle withon the PU tubing.

Internal Swivel
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