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JP SUP - Cruisair Inflatable Description

CRUISAIR 11‘4“x30“x6“
An infl atable version of the CRUISER 11‘4“. A fast and very stable all-round cruising and touring board which can be recommended for every rider level. It is 6“ (15 cm) thick, super stiff and durable. You will be surprised how fast this board is.

CRUISAIR 12’6“x29“x6“
The bigger CRUISAIR is both longer and wider than the 11‘4“ version with the same generous 6“ thickness and great performance. The longer waterline ensures a longer glide and better overall speed. The added stability generated from the extra width and length will come in handy for those easy going tours or even fun races.

Although the inflatables can be pretty fun toys, at JP-Australia they take the inflatable SUP boards seriously. That is why they decided to work only with the best materials and give you an amazing product.

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    Code: JPPJ3E06CRU0AIR

    Price: $1,279.00


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