Ocean RodeoOcean Rodeo Storm Variable Wind Kite


Predictable Performance in Unpredictable Conditions

Kiting in gusty, highly variable wind is dangerous and unpredictable and is not recommended by Ocean Rodeo! However, we know there's a certain breed of highly advanced riders who thrive on the rush of storm conditions. If you're one of these riders, we built The Storm for you.

Designed to be ultra stable and predictable in highly variable wind conditions The Storm 5m incorporates over 11 years of design know-how. Extra struts ensure stability through the gusts and the kite's balance point lets it drift back in the lulls, reducing luff over. Turning is tuned to be smooth and forgiving while our unique FST wingtips ensure a massive sheeting range and ease of re-launch.

If you're brave enough to face the gnarliest conditions be smart enough to ride with the best gear available. The Storm, predictable performance in unpredictable conditions.



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Price: $1,019.00


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