CabrinhaCabrinha CHAOS Kite (Freestyle/Wakestyle) - Complete Kit


Cabrinha's goal was to take its landmark turning speeds and unhooked abilities one step further. The result is a highly tuned kite which keeps its forward flying speed up even when unhooked. You can count on a constant steady pull whether you are passing or just throwing a massive raley. When it comes to kite looping the Chaos delivers. The Chaos 2014 accelerates its power when flying through the radius of a kite loop. Big or small the Chaos completes the loop with plenty of time to climb to the zenith to cushion your landing. Its no wonder that the Chaos is fast becoming the pro's choice for world tour level Freestyle competition. - The Chaos delivers on all fronts. While not made for your average rider, the Chaos kite will give you the fighting advantage in competition. The Chaos is a C-kite with a bridle so it has a very specific feel that certain riders love and is really a kite for riders who already excel at unhooked tricks and want to take their riding in a pure freestyle or wakestyle direction. The Chaos flies easily to the edge of the window for unhooking. It loops with a ton of pull and generates its power by turning and cycling the kite. The Chaos pulls so hard in the loops that it has slack in the lines at the end of the loop.  

Just ask Alby Rondina, one of the PKRA freestyle superstars and the technical advisor behind the Chaos development. "The Chaos is perfectly tuned to perform when unhooked which also makes it the kite of choice for hitting rails or throwing wakestyle tricks on the flats. The Chaos has a light weight, yet durable build using Cabrinha's Skeletal frame technology and their all new 2DR double rip stop material.

Key Features

  • Podium proven competition freestyle performance
  • Direct Steering and Fast Response
  • Carries power through turn for massive kiteloops
  • Freestyle specific bridle design slacks for handle passes
  • Compact arc shape with dynamic arc
  • Quick turning and fast relaunch
  • Works in a wide range of conditions

Included in Complete Package

  • Chaos Kite
  • Kite Bag
  • Kite Repair Kit
  • Cabrinha Pump
  • 22mm Flying Lines
  • Chaos Overdrive Bar 1X

Chaos Wind Range

Area Wind Speed - Knots
m2 9 12 15 20 25 30 35 40 45
Gray color is usable range while black is ideal (based off on 75kg/165lb rider)

Kite Tech

Chaos Kite Tech
Cabrinha's exclusive line of high quality woven fabrics are designed to exact specifications specifically for kitesurfing. Tested and developed for over 4 years, the Cabrinha Volae materials are made to deliver the lowest stretch and highest durability in their class. Cabrinah Kite Tech 2DR
Cabrinha Kite Tech Skeletal Frame All Cabrinha kites are designed and built on a Skeletal Frame foundation. Skeletal frame technology allows a lighter more durable kite by strategically placing the reinforcement weight materials into a framework that surrounds the lighter weight canopy materials. Cabrinha placed the most durable, 160 gsm Dacron material into a framework that locks in the intended shape. This creates the canopy shape and profile with a light weight yet highly durable 53 gsm polyester woven material.
A dynamic arc allows the Chaos kite to have two distinct arc shapes. It takes on one shape while flying and another shape while in resting mode on the water. The flying shape occurs as soon as the kite gets airborne and the front lines are under tension. This is the kite’s intended shape which is optimized for the intended usage. The arc shape is held in place by a simple set of bridling. The dynamic arc shape occurs when the kite is resting on the water in relaunch mode. The arc is allowed to open its span which orients the wingtips in a position to facilitate a super quick relaunch. Cabrinah Kite Tech Dynamic Arc
Cabrinah Kite Tech Single Point Inflation The Sprint Inflation System with Airlock is the most efficient and easy way to get your kite pumped up quickly. The large one-way Airlock valve quickly feeds air into all of the struts from a single location. The Airlock connection to the Sprint pump now requires no special adapters. Once inflated you can lock off each strut independently to keep your kite’s rigid frame, and isolate any accidental strut deflation from the rest of the kite. When the session is over the entire kite will deflate in seconds thanks to the Airlock valve’s large dump feature.
Every Cabrinha kite comes with a simple, adjustable way to choose the power level of the kite. Each rear line “pig tail” connector has three power positions which you can connect to. The middle position is the factory recommended position. But the you can choose to create more power by connecting the knot closest to the kite or less power by connecting to the knot closest to the bar. Cabrinha Kite Tech Pig Tail Power Control System
Cabrinha Kite Tech Overdrive Mode Adjusts 8cm The Overdrve control bar can adjust a full 8 cm in length in seconds. Unlike other bars on the market, the Overdrive bar starts with a shorter bar length and can expand to the larger length if you wish. There is no reason to carry around all that extra bar if you prefer to ride on the standard setting. The 49 cm standar bar setting is great for smaller kites, or if you would like the kite to be less reactive. Easily switching the bar into the overdrive mode, the length changes a full 8cm to 57cm and immediately increases the turning speed of any kite large or small. Additionally, adjustment can be made on the water, if desired. EVA bar ends provide floatation for the entire control system.
Cabrinha's eternal quest for a simpler solution to control, handling and security, has produced the cleanest and most feature rich control system to date. The Overdrive 1X control and security system is a compact joystick with heaps of built in features:
  • 1X Security - Complete Kite Shut Down
  • Adjust Bar Length 8 CM in Seconds
  • Internalized Lines / Clutter Free
  • Depower On Demand
  • Removable Security Pin
  • Spinning Leash
  • Secondary Qr
  • Ergonomic Floating Bar Ends
  • Internal Swivel
Cabrinha Bar Tech 1X Overdrive System
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