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Push the limit

For performing sick air, megaloops and totally committed tricks Ruben needs gear he can trust 100%. The new Extract twintip is Ruben’s board, designed to perform in the most demanding conditions it delivers the confidence and control that he needs to push the limits of extreme kiting - now you can ride it too.

Ruben worked with the R&D team to create an advanced bottom shape formed with Quad Channels and Concave that works with a new Asymmetric Fin design to provide the unlimited grip he needs in overpowered conditions. The rocker line and concave combine to deliver early planing, super smooth riding in choppy conditions and help Ruben to ride away from even the heaviest landings.

A CNC Machined Supremo Wood Core and 3D Top Sheet combine to deliver the flex pattern and platform stability that Ruben demands. Built with reinforced, inline insert blocks to perform with boots the Extract will help you to launch and land any trick and ride bigger and harder like the most extreme kiter in the world. Join Ruben on the Extract twintip and push the limits.

Key Features

  • Enables you to follow Ruben Lenten on his quest for an extreme kiting experience
  • Reduced size and low profile delivers reduced air drag in high winds to go big for sick jumps
  • Can (or should) be used with boots
  • Development team focused on minimum fluid drag and maximum speed & pop
  • Asymmetric G10 fins provide insane grip and a clean release
  • Size 135cm x 41cm


Riding Style

Extract Kiteboard Ride Style





Discrete Wide Kiteboard Inserts

Carbon Basalt Kiteboard Construction

Quadro Channels

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Code: BES2131413500

Price: $649.00


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