AntalAntal XT Series Winch Size 16 One-Speed, Reduced - Chrome
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The  Antal One-Speed (Reduced) XT Series Winch   features the new self-tailing XT system, a differentiated drum knurling grip, a CNC machined base and skirt, stainless steel central rod, a PVD-finished low friction axle and a stainless steel roller bearing with nylon casing.

Part Number: XT16CH


Part No Speed Power Recovery Line Weight Screws
XT16CH 1 14 115mm
(4 17/32 in)
6 - 10mm
(15/64 - 25/64 in)
(7.27 lb)
5 x 6mm
(15/64 in)
XT30CH 1 28 58mm
(2 19/64 in)
6 - 10mm
(15/64 - 25/64 in)
(8.81 lb)
5 x 6mm
(15/64 in)

Part Number: XT16CH
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Price: $605.00
Original Price:$720.00
(You Save: $115.00)


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