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Luxfer scuba cylinders with service pressures up to 3000 psi scuba cylinders are cleaned at the factory for use of oxygen up to 100% oxygen. If this cylinder is used with any gas exceeding 23.5% oxygen it is the responsibility of the cylinder user to ensure that this cylinder and all components (valve, regulator, etc...) are maintained in a proper state of oxygen cleanliness. Luxfer scuba cylinders that exceed 3000 psi service pressure should not be used with any gas exceeding 23.5% oxygen.

LALW106 Imperial Specifications
Service Pressure True Capacity *Buoyancy - Full *Buoyancy - 500 psi Weight Empty (No Valve) Outside Diameter Cylinder Length (No Valve)
4350 psi 105.2 cu ft - 4.8 lbs + 2.1 lbs 33.8 lbs 7.39 in 26.1 in

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XS Scuba Luxfer Aluminum Cylinder - 106 cu ft - White, Limited
Original Price: $ 689.83
Price: $ 605.11

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