XS Scuba

Watch how easily your boots slip over the smooth Lycra material even when your boots are already wet. If your feet get cold the extra layering and the absorbent Lycra material will insulate and slow down water exchange keeping your feet warmer longer. Your full foot fins will also be easier to put on with the Lycra Socks and the friction against your skin is reduced relieving the chaffing found without the Lycra Socks.

Lycra Socks are made from 6oz (170g) 100% 4-way stretch Lycra. The socks seams are sewn and the top edge is rolled and sewn for added strength and durability. These socks are black in color and come in one-size fits most. 

Product Features

  • Take the effort out of putting on your wetsuit & boots
  • Reduce foot discomfort with full foot fins
  • 6 ounce, four-way stretch Lycra
  • Made with overlock stitching
  • One size fits most

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XS Scuba Lycra Socks
Original Price: $ 10.00
Price: $ 9.00

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