Available for exhaust hose of Ø 40 mm, Ø 45 mm, Ø 51 mm or Ø 60 mm I.D.

This gooseneck raises the exhaust line above the waterline and also provides additional noise reduction. The outlet fits directly to VETUS rubber transom connectors.

Engines with a 57 mm (2¼”) exhaust elbow may be connected to Ø 60 mm VETUS exhaust hose and use Ø 60 mm exhaust components.

Product No. Exhaust Hose Diameter Dimensions
(Length x Width x Height)
WLOCKLT40 40mm 182 x 135 x 502mm
WLOCKLT45 45mm 182 x 135 x 502mm
WLOCKLT50 51mm 182 x 135 x 502mm
WLOCKLT60 60mm 182 x 135 x 502mm
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Vetus Plastic Gooseneck LT50 Ø2"
Original Price: $ 135.00
Price: $ 106.95

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