The Vetus Bronze Water Scoop is Excellent for continuous use and immersion in both saltwater and freshwater.

Product No. G
ØB H C ØQ ØR SW U Weight
WCAPB1/2 12.7mm 15mm 96mm 73mm 50mm 38mm 25mm 91mm .34kg
WCAPB3/4 19.05mm 9mm 102mm 78mm 58mm 48mm 32mm 103mm 0.5kg
WCAPB1 25.4mm 25mm 109mm 83mm 61mm 53mm 39mm 106mm .61kg
WCAPB11/4 31.75mm 35mm 117mm 90mm 65mm 64mm 50mm) 118mm .75kg
WCAPB11/2 38.1mm 38mm 129mm 100mm 70mm 70mm 55mm 131mm .95kg
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Vetus Bronze Water Scoop G1
Original Price: $ 70.00
Price: $ 54.54

    * Special Order
    This product is made to order. Standard lead time is 4-6 weeks prior to shipping. 2 week lead time possible for an additional fee. Please contact us for an estimate.

    * Product is not eligible for returns

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