All models (except TAURUS06 and 07) are tapped on the underside so that no fastenings are visible. Made of high-gloss polished stainless steel.

Product No. Safe Working Load A B C D E
TAURUS01 575 kgf 140mm 50mm 89.5 x 30mm 47mm 2 x M8
TAURUS02 900 kgf 195mm 60mm 120.5 x 35mm 69mm 2 x M10
TAURUS03 1310 kgf 255mm 75mm 150 x 40mm 83mm 2 x M12
TAURUS04 2470 kgf 300mm 85mm 160 x 50mm 83mm 2 x M16
TAURUS05 2470 kgf 300mm 85mm 200 x 85mm 83mm 2 x M16
TAURUS06* 2620 kgf 300mm 85mm 200 x 85mm 130x55mm 4 x Ø12.5
TAURUS07** 3600 kgf 250mm 70mm 250 x 40mm 105mm 3 x Ø12.5
*4 holes in a rectangle as dimensioned by D. Holes are 90 degree countersunk.
**3 holes in line with 105mm in between. Holes are 90 degree countersunk.
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Vetus Stainless Steel cleat Type TAURUS 6, Length 11 13/16"
Original Price: $ 149.00
Price: $ 115.95

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