Hose connectors, made of synthetic material. Available as straight connectors or 60° bend, for exhaust hose with internal diameters from 40 mm to 150 mm. Available with 90° bend type ELB for exhaust hose with internal diameters 127, 152, 203 or 254 mm.

Type Bending radius Internal tunnel diameter Material
SLVBG40K 1524mm 40.08mm PVC
SLVBG45K No 44.8mm PVC
SLVBG50K 1524mm 50mm PVC
SLVBG60K 1524mm 59.9mm PVC
SLVBG65K 1524mm 65.08mm PVC
SLVBG75K 1524mm 75mm PVC
SLVBG90K 1524mm 90mm PVC
SLVBG100K 1524mm 59.9mm PVC
SLVBG110K 1524mm 109.9mm PVC
SLVBG125K 1524mm 125mm PVC
SLVBG150K 1524mm 138.5mm PVC
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Vetus Plastic Hose Connection bent Ø6"
Original Price: $ 81.25
Price: $ 63.81

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