For the stern thruster to function correctly, it is important that the propeller is submerged well below the waterline. If this is not the case, the propeller may suck air into the tunnel, with a considerable loss of thrust power as a consequence. However, on some boats this is not really feasible, because the draft at the stern is too shallow and because the thruster assembly should never protrude beneath the bottom of the boat. In order to ensure both tunnel openings are sufficiently below the waterline, VETUS has developed an extension kit for stern thrusters with tunnels of Ø 150, 185, 250 or 300 mm.

This kit consists of two shells made of GRP, together with all the necessary stainless steel fastenings. The kit can be easily retrofitted to existing installations. This extension kit should be used if the transom is fitted with other equipment, which may prevent unhindered water flow through the tunnel. It is also ideal for so-called “house boats”, which in general have a very shallow draft both at the bow and at the stern.

Product No. A B C D E F Ø X(=1/2F +A)
SDKIT150 27mm 195mm 650mm 220mm 232mm 150mm Min. 102mm
SDKIT185 17mm 237mm 774mm 268mm 275mm 185mm Min. 110mm
SDKIT250 28mm 303mm 1066mm 360mm 370mm 250mm Min. 153mm
SDKIT300 39mm 365mm 1270mm 437mm 450mm 300mm Min. 189mm
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Vetus Thrust Diverter for Stern Thruster, Tunnel Ø 7 9/32"
Original Price: $ 350.00
Price: $ 271.95

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