Vetus Teak Steering Wheel Type PRO, 19 1/2" (50cm)

$ 324.55

(Original Price: $ 533.25)

Vetus Teak Steering Wheel Type PRO,  19 1/2" (50cm)

PRO steering wheels are the perfect match for both traditional and modern boats. Type “T” features a satin-gloss varnished teak rim. Type “P” is resistant against all possible weather conditions and the semi-hard polyurethane rim (RAL 7016) will keep your hands warm. The substantial spokes and the hub cover are made from high-gloss polished (AISI316) stainless steel. The hub itself is made of synthetic material and bored for a Ø 3/4” shaft with 1:12 taper, so that it will fit most types of steering systems. The outer rim measures 32 mm in diameter, ensuring a comfortable grip in all conditions. These steering wheels are available with overall diameters of 400, 500 or 600 mm.