Plastic muffler with check valve, developed for fast craft with powerful engines. Achieves tremendous reduction of exhause noise. Each MV waterlock features a connection for a temperature sensor, which triggers an audible alarm if the temperature of the exhaust gases/cooling water mixture exceeds an acceptable level. This ensures the best protection for the engine, as it provides an immediate warning when the raw water flow is impeded, long before the coolant in the engine itself becomes overheated. VETUS marine engines, though, do not require such (an additional) security device, as they all feature an exhaust temperature alarm as standard equipment.


Product No. Diameter
MV090 90mm 210mm 702mm
MV100 100mm 210mm 702mm
MV125 150mm 320mm 910mm
MV150 150mm 320mm 910mm
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Vetus Plastic Muffler MV090 Ø3 1/2"
Original Price: $ 675.00
Price: $ 523.95

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