Often in a modern high performance boat, with one or two large engines installed, there is very little space to spare in the engine room. VETUS waterlocks, model MG are designed to make even the most awkward installation possible. The outlet connection at the top will rotate through 360° and the inlet connection is at an angle of 45° upward.

Product No. Capacity (liters) d Ø D Ø A Ø Length B
MGP9090 23 90mm 90mm 270mm 450mm
MGP102102 23 102mm 102mm 270mm 450mm
MGP5455 23 127mm 127mm 270mm 450mm
MGP102127 23 102mm 127mm 270mm 450mm
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Vetus Plastic Waterlock, Type MGP, Inlet 5" - 45 Degrees, Outlet 5"
Original Price: $ 900.00
Price: $ 697.95

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