The VETUS “Follow-Up” steering system has been derived from a type of steering that is in common use with professional inland waterways vessels. Because many pleasure craft are already equipped with a manual hydraulic steering system, this VETUS “Follow-Up” steering system can be easily added to enable remote control from any convenient position on board. By simply turning the steering handle, the rudder will exactly follow the angle of the handle. Returning the handle to the mid position will also return the rudder to midships. Manual wheel steering can be resumed at any time by simply switching the system off. In principle, the VETUS “Follow-Up” steering system is suitable for boats of 6 - 20 metres LOA.


  • Panel dimensions 110 x 120mm
  • Dimensions incl. handle 110x190
  • Height 45 mm
  • VETUS follow-up steering meets the EMC requirements.

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Vetus Dash Mount Control Handle for follow - up System
Original Price: $ 800.00
Price: $ 620.95

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