Vetus Welding Bollard, Type Achilles 130Z

$ 60.85

(Original Price: $ 76.50)

Vetus Welding Bollard, Type Achilles 130Z

Made of high-gloss polished stainless steel.

Bollards type ACHILZ are for direct welding to the deck.

Product No. Safe Working Load A B Diameter C* D E
ACHIL080 620 kgf 120mm 90mm 40mm 80 x 65mm 52mm 4 x Ø6.5
ACHIL090 620 kgf 130mm 95mm 50mm 92 x 92mm 52mm 4 x Ø6.5
ACHIL110 1150 kgf 160mm 120mm 60mm 122 x 97mm 70mm 4 x Ø8.5
ACHIL130 1150 kgf 180mm 142mm 70mm 140 x 118mm 82mm 4 x Ø8.5
ACHIL150 1800 kgf 200mm 172mm 80mm 153 x 122mm 100mm 4 x Ø10.5
ACHIL160 2620 kgf 255mm 195mm 90mm 165 x 135mm 120mm 4 x Ø10.5
* Dimensions of the base plate are not applicable to welding types