Torqeedo Travel 503 Outboard Motor

Price: $ 1,698.95
Torqeedo Travel 503 Outboard Motor
Torqeedo Travel 503 Outboard Motor- Specifications
  Torqueedo Travel 503
Short Shaft
Torqeedo Travel 503
Long Shaft
Input power in watts 500 500
Propulsive power in watts 220 220
Comparable petrol outboards (propulsive power) 1.5 HP 1.5 HP
Comparable petrol outboards (thrust) 2 HP 2 HP
Maximum overall efficiency in % 44 44
Static thrust in lbs* 40 40
Integrated battery 320 Wh Li-Ion 320 Wh Li-Ion
Nominal voltage 29.6 29.6
Final charging voltage 33.6 33.6
Total weight in kg (lbs) 12.9 13.5
Motor weight without battery in kg 8.9 9.5
Weight of integrated battery 4.0 4.0
Shaft length in cm 62.5 75.5
Standard propeller(v = speed in km/h at p = power in watts) v9/p790 v9/p790
Alternative propeller options v8/p350 v8/350
Maximum propeller speed in rpm 700 700
Control Tiller Tiller
Steering 360° lockable 360° lockable
Tilting device Manual with grounding protection Manual with grounding protection
Trim device Manuel, 4-Step Manuel, 4-Step
Stepless forward/reverse drive Yes Yes
Integrated on-board computer Yes Yes

The Travel 503 delivers over 500 watts of input power and in terms of propulsion is comparable with 1.5 HP petrol outboard. The name says it all, with the Travel 503 you can discover the world on water with this completely waterproof motor to IP67 specifications. Thanks to the on-board computer with its GPS-based calculation of the remaining range, there is always a personal travel guide on hand. The Travel 503 is suitable for inflatables and other small boats. Like the Travel 1003, the Travel 503 is available in short-shaft and long-shaft versions.

The Torqueedo Travel 503 Outboard Motor equipment comes with an outboard with display in tiller control, a high-performance lithium battery with integrated on-board computer and GPS, a magnetic kill switch, charger, and USB adapter.

Product Features

  • All connections and components waterproof to IP67
  • High-performance lithium battery integrated into the outboard: high energy density, excellent high-current capacity, safe
  • Charging socket and USB port: For charging with onshore power, from 12 V battery or solar.
  • Can also be used as a power source for smartphones, lamps etc. via a USB adapter
  • Long-shaft and short-shaft versions available â?? just as you need
  • Maximum-efficiency propulsion for premium performance and range
  • Emergency magnetic kill switch that won't impair its waterproof qualities
  • On-board computer with GPS-based range calculation that issues an alarm when battery charge is low